Mamie was working the lunch shift

Description: Mamie was working the lunch shift at the bar when Margarita came in for a bite. After finishing her meal, she had a cup of coffee as the two women chatted. Mamie was insanely attracted to Margarita, so she made her move by walking around the counter, kissing her and taking her shirt off. With few works spoken and just the soft moans of pleasure coming from their lips filling the room, the busty blondes got naked, Mamie spread Margarita’s legs and ate her pussy right there on the counter. Mamie climbed onto the countertop and sprawled out so Margarita could finger and eat her pussy. Tongues, mouths, hands, and fingers explored bodies as the girls took turns making each other cum so hard their bodies shook with desire, leaving the two arm in arm, gently touching and teasing each other while sharing some soft kisses.